Study abroad

Our institute offers students the German standard of education and therefore we work closely with partner universities in Germany, universities near and far abroad, as well as with scientific, public and cultural organizations and institutions.

Double degree and academic exchange programs at KINI are an important factor in the development of the university and the high competitiveness of our students.


Academic mobility is the movement of students or teachers to study or conduct research in another higher education institution (within the country or abroad) for a certain academic period, usually a semester or academic year, with the mandatory transfer of completed educational programs in the form of credits at their university.

Mobility programs are implemented within the framework of agreements between partner universities.

Advantages of academic mobility:

  • Obtaining a unique learning experience abroad;
  • Improving the level of foreign language proficiency;
  • Getting to know a new country and its culture;
  • Increasing your competitiveness in the future;
  • Self-knowledge;
  • Meeting new people;
  • Trips.

As part of the Double Degree program, our students have the opportunity to study in Germany for a year. At the end of the program, the graduate receives two diplomas - German and Kazakh.

To participate, you must have a good knowledge of the German language and a high level of academic performance in all subjects.

KINI partner universities in Germany for the Double Degree program

  •  University of Applied Sciences Hamburg is a partner of KINI in the educational program “Energy and Environmental Engineering;
  • Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau is a partner of KINI in the Logistics educational program.

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