German-Kazakh Institute of Sustainable Engineering Entrance Test: a new opportunity for applicants

The English language entrance test for admission to the Kazakh-German Institute of Sustainable Engineering (KINI), opened on the basis of Yessenov University, has started. As you know, last year the institute accepted 44 students and began training in the programs “Logistics” and “Energy and environmental engineering”.

The students have the opportunity to continue their studies in German partner universities. Graduates of the branch will be holders of double diplomas: joint diploma of Yessenov university, DKU and German partner universities, depending on the chosen educational program.

The applicants, who intend to become KINI students, passed the English language test today. More than 50 applicants from schools of Atyrau, Aktau, Beineu and Zhanaozen participated in the first stream of the exam. Among them schoolchildren from Nazarbayev Intellectual School (NIS) of Aktau city showed great interest.

At the beginning, an information session was held, during which they were introduced to the training system of the institute and immersed in the details of the Hyrasia One project, which is being carried out in the territory of Mangistau region.

After that, the students were given a campus tour, during which they familiarized themselves with the academic buildings, library and other academic and extracurricular areas of the institute.

An integral part of the day was passing the English language tests, the results of which were impressive - the applicants demonstrated the level of knowledge at the level of B1, B2 and C1.

“The format of the entrance test is very close to the international English language proficiency tests. The test consists of 50 questions and 50 minutes are allotted to complete the test. Since the exam covers reading, listening and grammar sections, it will help to accurately determine the applicant's level of English,” said English teacher Emmanuel Enegbedion.

The applicants receive the results of the entrance exam at the time the test is completed. It should be noted that for admission to the institute, the level of English must be at least A2. In case of a negative result, applicants have the opportunity to retake the test in the next period.

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