Green hydrogen becomes the focus of discussions at the international platform in Aktau

A conference “Aktau Dialogue” organized by the Kazakh-German Institute for Sustainable Engineering (KINI), Yessenov Caspian University of Technology and Engineering (YU) and the Kazakh-German University (DKU) was held at Yessenov University in Aktau.

The aim of the Aktau Dialogue is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technologies between global experts in the field of green hydrogen and to find innovative approaches to sustainable development of the energy sector. The event provides a platform to discuss key issues and challenges in the field of green hydrogen, as well as to develop specific strategies and solutions for its implementation in real projects. The event also strengthens partnerships between academic institutions, business and governmental bodies, which is an important step towards sustainable development of the energy sector.

The event started with a solemn welcoming speech of the guests, among which were representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akimat of Mangistau region, European Union, partner universities in Germany, organizing universities, as well as representatives of Svevind Energy Group and Hyrasia Energy.

The moderator of the first session “Pathway to Innovations in Green Hydrogen for Clean Energy” was Prof. Volrad Rommel, President of the Kazakh-German University. This session highlighted the “AKTANT” project, which is recognized as a leading energy innovation. The AKTANT project aims to achieve three key objectives: the development of graduate education programs, science and student exchanges in Kazakhstan. The project involves cooperation with five key partners including TU Berlin, TU Darmstadt, Haw Hamburg and Yessenov University and DKU plays an important role in achieving these goals. There are plans to launch a Logistics program with TU Darmstadt, and to develop scientific cooperation with Haw Hamburg and TU Berlin in the area of doctoral studies. The funding for 4 years from the German partners confirms the importance of the project, and the possibility of extension for the next 8 years opens perspectives for long-term development of scientific cooperation between Kazakhstan and Germany.

Next, the session “GAME CHANGER GREEN HYDROGEN” was held, where Dr. Max Eirich, Director of the Kazakh-German Institute for Sustainable Engineering (KINI) spoke. This part discussed the prospects of the “green hydrogen project in Mangistau region” as well as the development of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan and hydrogen production plants. In the afternoon two important sessions took place. The first was “Developing the Potential of Green Hydrogen Utilization in Kazakhstan”, where Ainur Tumysheva, Investment Director at Hyrasia Energy, spoke. Development of hydrogen technologies in the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan was discussed, as well as transportation logistics and the task of creating the Middle Corridor.

At the end of the event, a meeting was organized with the participation of students, where a round table was held to discuss the prospects for the development of engineering technologies in the field of green hydrogen. In addition, a city tour was organized for the distinguished guests, which allowed them to get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of Aktau.

The event ended with a successful exchange of knowledge and experience, creation of new partnerships and strategizing for further development of the green hydrogen engineering industry in Kazakhstan.

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